"Experience One of Life's Great Indulgences While Supporting Social Impact"

The Art  of Bespoke Tailoring

"Tailor made Craftsmanship is still the most elegant item of clothing as long as its cut, color and fabric are correct meaning that they suit the occasions, the time of the day, the season of the year and the climate."

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Bonham Strand (Hong Kong) is an award-winning manufacturer of quality bespoke apparel for men and women in 2013 which restoring the traditional value to the “Made in Hong Kong” brand. Manufacturing locally offers a promising space for self-development and elevation for the disenfranchised garment workers and youth in our community. We do aim at imparting the bespoke craftsmanship and spirit to the next generation.


We genuinely guaranteed our garments 100% crafted in Hong Kong by our designers, cutters and tailors with decades of experience. The finished fine products are promised to satisfied our customer's need individually. We invite you to join our workshops and experience the earnest craftsmanship behind our bespoke products.

About Bonham Strand (Hong Kong)

Bonham Strand’s business model isn’t designed to provide charity. Instead, we identify people with the appropriate background and profile for the tailoring industry to create a conducive and productive environment that facilitates the transfer of knowledge and generate a greater value for all stakeholders.

Our master tailors work closely with at risk youth and physical rehabilitation patients from partners such as Caritas and CFSC and teach them how to make neckties and bow ties; which is a great way to kick start a career in suit-making. By building their confidence while adding to their skillset in garment manufacturing, we’re adding value to their lives and our partner rehab programs.

Bonham Strand is honoured to have received the 2013 Social Enterprise Awards in Branding and Marketing given by the Home Affairs Bureau and Social Enterprise Advisory Committee.

Hong Kong Council of Social Services awarded Bonham Strand a 2015/16 Caring Company sign.

Awards are great appreciation of our significant social value provided to the socially disadvantaged in fostering the socially conscious culture. We are grateful for recognition of our effort.

Irene  Wong

Art Director


Mr.Cheung , 50 yrs exp, Cutter

Cutter & Tailors

Mr Cheung, Mr. Lai, Mr.Hui with over 50 years experience in Suit Pattern Cutting in Hong Kong

Mr Chiu, Mrs Chung with over 20 years experience in Productions in Hong Kong

Button sewing in process.jpg

Mr.Chiu, 20 yrs exp, Tailor

Mr.Hui, 55 yrs exp, Tailor

Mrs Chung, 20 yrs exp, Tailor

Kit, 1 yr exp, Cutter


Kris, Tailor Trainee

Handmade Suit is genuinely good and it feels very different from the machine work. It is a unique style and artwork since 1930s in Hong Kong.

In the Bespoke tailoring industry, there are three main position, one is cutter, another is tailor.


Cutter act as an architect of the suit, they understand as far as possible the individual need of the customer and use the chalk to patterning the fabric matches exactly at the seams when the suit made up. The Cutting is done with shears, and sewing up the pieces together for the first fitting with white cotton thread. Fitting times depends on different body shape to adjust properly. After fittings, the suit will be taken apart again to the production.

Tailors act as a construction worker of the suit, they give the suit its shape, interlining canvas, cotton, felt,or horsehair sewn into the material itself with countless small hand stitches, the process takes time attentively. And the button holes is also a labor-intensive process especially bespoke Milan Eye, it is very different from machine sewing.

And the third one is our Fashion Consultant.


Our fashion consultants work as a designers to figure out what is the most suitable color and patterns and thus give various suggestions for clients to choose, from the styles to inner linings, from traditions to modern trends, from lights to senses, from simple to revival, we gather the trends to your silhouette changing every time.

Our fashion consultants also work as a detective to consider every single change of your silhouette, same suit but big difference to make it to different feelings, for example the lighting of the pants can be pipe-stem, tapered, bell bottom or even trapeze line etc.


Mr.Lai , 55 yrs exp, Cutter & Tailor


Whatsapp: +852 9685 2370

Handcraft fee

Small bulk order like uniform, banquets, groomsman, performance we  could discuss the discount for over 10 suits, big bulk orders need to double confirm time in advance.

We accept bring your favorite fabric to our retail shop for handcraft, one suit ( 1 jacket + 1 pant) standard handcraft fee (half canvas HKD $3600, full canvas HKD$4500), other items could discuss via email.

Email only for details : contact@bonhamstrand.hk


  • Bow tie Workshop, HKD $150 per head,  4 People per  group including materials

  • Simple A Line Dress Workshop, HKD $3600 per head, 2 people up per group including materials

  • School Group Visit, Traveling Group Visit our workshop ,HKD $150 per head,  maximally 10 people including bow tie workshop and introduction to bespoke artwork, history ect.

Email only for details : contact@bonhamstrand.hk

Business Cooperation

Other Business Relationship

  • Brand of accessories to recommend to our clients

Email disccuss for details : contact@bonhamstrand.hk

  • Donate one suit, Keep it clean and intact can deduct $200 maximum for your new purchase in Bonham Strand (Hong Kong) Central Retail & Workshop

  • Alteration service for upgrade, up-cycle and be environmentally friendly to the world. 

    • HKD $250 per item, more clothes could discuss discount.

    • Call (+852 2811 4768)  / Whatsapp (+852 9685 2370) for more details