What is Bespoke Tailoring?

No one need to apologize for his physical imperfection.


Bespoke Tailoring garments are made individually from understanding the physical peculiarities like "dropped right shoulder" "forward stomach" by body measurements each time. It aims to produce the best fit garment for customers discreetly and neutrality.


Unlike off-the rack and “made to measure” suits, genuine bespoke tailoring suits:


  • never use templates, blocks or reference model suits

  • are never altered from off-the-rack mass produced factory products

  • never use an assembly line process or come from a factory

Bonham Strand (Hong Kong) suits are made by designers, cutters and tailors with an average of 40 years of experience and their skilled apprentices.

Our cutters and tailors are responsible for basting stitch, hand craftsmanship for jackets, vests and pants. Unlike mass production custom tailors, we do not “assembly-line” our suits whereas fundamental sew worker are responsible for individual elements such as pockets, linings and sleeves.

After cutters hand-cut and prepare each suit, tailors are responsible for making the entire jacket, vest or pant. Final adjustments and fittings are made by cutters and tailors specializing in suit finishing and alternations.

Our Deluxe Custom Shirts and Accessories are Almost as Popular as our Suits

Crafted attentively, passionate from zero to a deluxe garment as our suits, shirts and accessories are the mission to satisfy our Bonham Strand customers worldwide. Crafted from the finest materials and embracing classic artisanal standards, our shirts and accessories are a perfect complement for any occasion.

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