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Be a gentleman is the spirit behind the MEN SUITS.  The men suits represent rigorous and forceful  from the high quality of fabrics, designs, amazing sewing techniques and the looks and feelings, it is very different from Women suits.

Men Suits emphasis on the usage in different occasion, to be clear and elegance. The Men Suit designs are restricted for varies usage and limited in designs. But now the men suits changed to be more smart casual for sports and leisure.

Formal Suit wear

The specific fabrics, designs, accessories are the norms of formal men suit wear. The names are Swallow-tailed coat,  evening dress coat and morning coat for men suit wear which is for attending formal parties, formal ceremonies or classic operas, especially for international conference.

The coats are highly restricted specification in usage of fabrics, designs, accessories, the color need to be black or very dark blue.

Semi-Formal Suit wear

Tuxedo, Director's Suit, Black Suit are the semi-formal wear which also called dinner jacket, evening jacket, party dress, cocktail dress. In recent years, they all represent formal occasions under no specific dressy code for specific events eventually. And also the accessories for the formal suits become simplify.

Daily Suit Wear

Business Wear, Town Wear, Uniforms, Sports Wear and Country Wear are the daily suit wear for Men who can pick up different fabrics, designs, accessories carefree but not over gorgeous or grotesque since suits are not dramas. The sense, the feelings, the colors of suits are well matched appropriately from dark to light, from jackets to shirts, form vest to pants.

Country Wear

Casual Jacket, leisure jacket, fancy jacket, jumper with two tone jacket, spring coats are designed to be carefree and relax to easy wear for vocation and holidays.  And cutting could be boxing, chesterfield, semi-raglan and any fusion style mix and match with fashion trends.

Men Shirts usually are white and being considering to match with the color and style to suits, and usually are long sleeve shirts, the cuffs longer 1 to 1.5 cm than suit sleeves. There are three names we called the shirts.

Dress Shirt

Dress shirt are Tuxedo shirts with specific structures like sturdy chest, wing collar ,multi pleated layers, specific studs buttons of the top 3 /4 ect. with black /very dark color suits.

White Shirt

White shirt is also called business shirt for daily usage. The shirt button, cuffs, designs, cuttings are simple and formal with simple color like white, light blue, light grey, light yellow, light peach, light green and with simple stripe or patterns.

Sports Shirt

This shirt are casual free with any fabric, design, could be short shirt, open shirt, aloha shirt with lighter fabric, colorful fabric.

Men Accessories are hat, necktie, belt, suspender, gloves, socks, muffler, scarf, handkerchief, tie clip, cuff links and shoes in the gentleman world.


Silk Hat, Homburg, Centre Crease, Tirolian hat, Cross Hat, Hunting Cap, Panama Hat are dressy and they match with different shapes of head, different occasions.


Men accessories are less than women's, that is why necktie are the main points in the men accessories.

Generally there are four in hand, square tie, wing tie, ascot tie, western tie, continental tie and loop-tie, and printed pattern  tie are usually for sporty.

Black suits  :   match with  Grey / Blue / Green tie with white shirts

Grey suits :     match with Blue / Grey/ Charcoal / Green / Yellow  tie with white shirts

Dark blue suits :  match with  blue / Peach / Orange-yelllow  tie with white / bright blue shirts

Blue suits :      match with dark Blue / Gray /  Charcoal  with  pink/ cream/ silver-gray / light blue shirts

Brown suits :   match with dark Brown / Gray / Green with white/gray/ silver-gray shirts


Shoe style have six cutting, they are straight tip, plain toe, medallion toe, slipon, center seam, moccasin toe. They are free to match with the colors of the suits for daily uses. But for formal usage we may discuss further in our blog.


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Little maintenance, Longer Usage.

Brush it down

After work, Your suit collects dust and dirt,  we suggest use soft-bristled brush with natural animal hair , like the way you shave, with sweeping downward. If you don't take brush it, the grime will settle into the fibers of your suit, and the fabric will pill and lose its integrity over time.


Spot clean

​Never throw your suit into the washing machine. It'll destroy the fabrics and canvas structures. Gently dab the spot with a damp cloth or unscented wipes. If you can't shift the stain after a few tries, hand it over to our professional team.


Dry clean

Only dry clean your suit once or twice a year, before you retire it for the season. Air it out for at least 24 hours and do spot clean if the suit smelling a little ripe between cleans,



Hang it rightly

Wired hangers can damage your suit. A wide, thick, wooden hanger with round edges will help to support the shoulder, to smooth out any wrinkles, to absorb any moisture the inner canvas and lining of your suit.  Any moisture can wear down the delicate fibers of your suit.

Breathe environment

Store your suit in a lightweight garment bag, keep it clean and dust-free.  The garment bags provide smooth airflow and allow any creases to fall out naturally. Natural fabrics as wool is a breathable fabric, provide a breathable environment to your suit importantly for longer usage. Whenever you sit with your jacket on, you're stretching the armholes and back seams, which can wear it out faster.




Pack your suit smartly


Carry a garment bag is the best way to protect your suit on the road. In order to minimize wrinkles and prevent any dust from sticking to your suit, please do the following tips. Flip the jacket inside out, and press the shoulders together, making sure the seams and lapels line up. Then, loosely roll from the bottom up. Hand up the suit as soon as possible with suitable hangers when you arrived your destination.




Rotate your suits

Give time and space for the natural fibers to rest and relax, rotate a suit twice a week maximally. The golden rule is 24 hours for lighter suits, and 48 hours for heavier suits. 



Follow our tips above, brush it, dab it, hang it, and bag it. If you've been wearing it in a smoky or smelly environment, hang it in fresh air for few hours, and contact us if you have any further questions.

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