Cutters & Tailors

In the Bespoke tailoring industry, there are two main position, one is cutter, another is tailor.


Cutter act as an architect of the suit, they understand as far as possible the individual need of the customer and use the chalk to patterning the fabric matches exactly at the seams when the suit made up. The Cutting is done with shears, and sewing up the pieces together for the first fitting with white cotton thread. Fitting times depends on different body shape to adjust properly. After fittings, the suit will be taken apart again to the production.

Tailors act as a construction worker of the suit, they give the suit its shape, interlining canvas, cotton, felt,or horsehair sewn into the material itself with countless small hand stitches, the process takes time attentively. And the button holes is also a labor-intensive process especially bespoke Milan Eye, it is very different from machine sewing.



Wing Cfu

Tailor specialty in pant, vest, dress/ Alteration

>40 yrs experience

Hui Cfu

Tailor specialty in full suit / Alteration

>50 yrs experience

Master Cheung


>50 yrs experience

Master Lai

Cutter & Tailor specialty in full suit

>50 yrs experience

Master Chiu

Tailor specialty in full suit

>20 yrs experience

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